So you got a Raspberry Pi. Congratulations!
Are you ready to turn it into a file server for your Apple II? Here's how.

Starting fresh:
If you haven't already started working with a Raspberry Pi, then the first thing you'll need to do is install the Raspbian operating system. Get it from the Raspberry Pi downloads page.

If you use the NOOBS (or NOOBS Lite) installer, which is a bit easier, expand the .zip file, and copy all of its files to an 8 GB or larger SD card. Then put the SD card in your Pi, and attach power, keyboard, screen, and mouse. Choose Raspbian from the menu. When it's done, your Pi will reboot into Raspbian.

An alternative method using NOOBS is to download the Raspbian, or Raspbian Lite, disk image file. If you've got a Mac, you may use my own Pi Filler to write the disk image to an SD card. If you've got Windows, use Win32DiskImager. There's also a new tool called Etcher for Windows, Mac, and Linux, but I haven't tried it.

Login with username "pi" and password "raspberry". Then type:

wget appleii.ivanx.com/a2server/setup; source setup

The process is straightforward -- just respond to the prompts.

For next steps, check out the links on the A2SERVER home page.

(If you are starting over with the same SD card, or want to ensure the card is formatted correctly, you can use the official SD Formatter utility -- carefully! -- before copying the files.)

Already using a Raspberry Pi?
If Raspbian is up and running, just type the installation command above.


A2SERVER home page