These steps cover how to install Ubuntu Server Linux into your empty virtual or real machine. (The instructions are similar, but may vary somewhat, for Debian Linux.)

  • Download Ubuntu Server 12.04 LTS, and burn it to a CD if installing on a real machine; otherwise, attach the download to your virtual machine's CD/DVD drive.

  • Click Start.
  • Answer all the region related questions and choose to Install Ubuntu Server.
  • For hostname, enter a2server
  • Under Partition Disks, choose "Guided - use entire disk" (no LVM).
  • Choose SCSI1 (or whatever other disk appears), and (two screens later) confirm "Write the changes to disks."

  • If you are installing Debian, and are prompted for a domain name or the root user password, leave them blank.
  • Enter user1 as the full name for the new user, and as the username for your account
  • Choose apple2 as the password, verify by retyping, and then confirm weak password
  • Choose not to encrypt your home directory
  • If you require an HTTP proxy, enter it, or leave it blank if not.
  • Choose yes to Install the GRUB boot loader to the master boot record

  • Choose no automatic updates
  • Choose OpenSSH under Software Selection (and, for Debian, Standard System Utilities)
  • Click Continue to reboot

  • When prompted, log in with username user1 and password apple2.
  • If you installed Debian rather than Ubuntu, type:
    sudo sed -i '0,/-eq 0/s/-eq 0/-ge 0/' /etc/profile
  • When you're back at the prompt, type sudo shutdown -h now which will turn off the (virtual) machine.
  • Recommended: If you are using a virtual machine, take a snapshot you can return to this point if necessary.


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